About Wakimachi Culture Center

About Wakimachi Culture Center

The Wakimachi Culture Center was established in 1988 by Masahito Onishi Sensei in order to promote traditional Japanese martial and literary arts and contribute solidifying the local community. Wakimachi is a place closely related to the history of Japan through its role in the trade Aizome (indigo dyeing) and culture, in particular with its old houses adorned with famous udatsu that are characteristic of the region (click here to learn more about Wakimachi).


Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu
Tatami room


The culture center is located immediately after getting off the highway

  • First floor: dojo, changing rooms, toilets, shower room 
  • Second floor: tatami room, classroom, toilets, kitchen

Currently accepting applications to use culture

To: Director Onishi (Tel: 0883-52-2197)